Dirk De Backer

It's just a trick of the light

About me and this site


I’m Dirk, a Belgian guy born in the late nineteen sixties. 

I’ve studied photography but it never became my primary profession.

Although it is with ups and downs it still is my passion.

Will you find my roots up north of the Belgian city Antwerp, almost in the Netherlands, I actually live in Brussels.

With this site I want to show you some of my work, give you some tips and tricks and if you really like them you can buy a license for using my work on your site or publication.

I’m also available for photo shoots, feel free to contact me if you would have more information.

As some of my work is NSFW a part of this site is password protected, it also protects the models concerned. 

If you want acces to that part of the site you’ll need to fill in the form below.


Apply for NSFW acces

If you would like acces to the NSFW section of this site you need to fill in the form.

The info you provide will be checked before I will provide you with the credentials to gain acces to the NSFW section.

That part of the site contains some art nudity photo’s, nothing else.

The data you provide in this form will only be used to see if I can give you acces to this section.

The data will be kept in a mailbox as proof that you’ve agreed with the terms you’ve checked.

This data will only be used to remind you or the authorities in case you violate these terms.

Authorities will be the only third party I will share the given info and only in case of violation.

You can always ask for removal of your data but that will obvious also end your acces to restricted area’s on this site.

This form and the data provided won’t give you acces to paid sections if they would be available on this site.

If I agree to give you acces it could be that you’ve to fill in an extra registration form for password and user creation.


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