• I decided to sell the licenses to use my photographs for any purpose you want as NFT’s.

    When bought this NFT gives you indisputable ownership of the license for that particular image.

    There are 2 different types of licenses, an exclusive one where you get the copyright of the image and the exclusive use.
    And a non exclusive license where there are multiple nft’s created with the same photo.

    As the creator I will always have the right to use the images on my own media channels for portfolio or promotions.
    When sold I may not use them anymore for other commercial reasons nor my I use them, printed or digital, outside my own media channels without permission of the NFT owner in case of the exclusive license.

    The owner may, obviously, sell the NFT again but there will be a fee for the original creator, me, if you do so.

I’ve chose to use OpenSea as the platform to sell my NFT’s.
This is one of the most popular platforms to create and trade NFT’s.

You can find my stuff on their site or just under this info.

If you want to know a bit more about NFT’s you can read more overhere.

In het Nederlands kan je hier wat meer info vinden.